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Find ! Don't search !

Our expertise helps:

  • your customers in finding the items you're selling on the web
  • your co-workers in finding quickly the information they are looking for

Our experience in "search" enables you to excel in search for mobile- and web-applications. We're not only skilled in search applications, we're also experts in integrating search solutions into existing IT infrastructure.

Is search important?

  • Search is the most important function in e-commerce
  • Search solutions can be shared between internal, mobile and web applications
  • The effort is strategic: building knowledge in your domain for retrieving the correct info fast

Remember the smile on the face of the person that finds what he's looking for!

Our focus

  • Implementation of future-proof and open solutions; our guarantee on the lowest TCO
  • A "lean" approach where the experts are the single point of contact
  • Multi-language implementations within EU: Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), France, Germany, United Kingdom, ...
  • Help you to jump-start with your search solution: implementing best-practices based on years of experience in designing search solutions

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit!" ~ Aristotle

Solr and elasticsearch

We're your partner for Solr consultancy and elasticsearch consultancy: solutions architecture, design, development, support, education, migration and integration.

Both applications will provide you with solid solutions garanteed to last on long term.

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We help companies



Providing a "better" search experience

Too often, we encounter poor quality in search usability:

  • Lack of understanding of the domain-specific terminology
  • Poor quality auto-complete (or as-you-type) suggestions
  • No search assistance with lack of immediate did-you-mean suggestions

We assist our customers to become leaders in understanding their users needs!

Integration of solr with Drupal Solr Search API

Search-solutions helps Drupal customers with their back-end Solr implementation.

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Integration of solr with sitecore

Search-solutions helps Sitecore customers with their Solr implementation.

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Solr Server Side Query templates

Use a simple API to keep your Solr clients free from query complexity

We've published a simple yet useful implementation of a solr querycomponent that enables the use of server side query (ssq) templates. The jar and source code is available on github.

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