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Sitecore analytics index

Sitecore is a great product and it comes with Sitecore’s Solr search that is the recommended/default search engine for content search. Good choice!

However, beware before you start…
Sitecore’s Solr search carries an analytics index that might grow quite fast for a frequently visited site (that’s what you want, right?). And exactly this observation is what you need to be aware of.

When you are aware, you can anticipate and plan for this growth. If you’re not aware, this index will grow… and continue to grow until it finds the limit of your system… and at that point, trouble start for your Solr implementation. And hey, Solr deals with this in the best possible way and as it is configured to handle the workload…

When trouble begins, there are a few options for troubleshooting. One option more elegant than the other. But, as always, the best option is to understand the problem and implement the solution before your end users gets affected by the problem… has experience dealing with this analytics index and can advise on the best way forward. We love to help you out with any Solr issue or question you might have. So contact us via our contact page.